For a while now I have been progressively composing a list of “Avant Paris Investment Pieces.” Many of these items are very basic pieces that I have been needing/wanting for some time and now I finally have a good excuse! Here they are:



Hunter Brand Wellingtons…heard it rains a lot in good ole Pariee…

you can't go to a big city without a classic trench!

Jon Hart luggage...I probably won't be getting this luggage, I'm kind of poor...but if I was rich I would totally buy some and I would totally have it monogrammed...duh!

over-nighter for hopeful trips to London/Rome/Spain.. etc.

the day-tripper...for hopefully spending the night at friend's houses...assuming I make friends?

Jon Hart Luggage

because I live in them and regular leggings aren't as durable as these thicker knit riding pants. Dual purpose: under skinny jeans in the winter!

Riding Pants/Leggings

just because it's great and would be perfect with jean shorts/tights/boots in the colder weather too!

Green Cargo/Utility Jacket

I can never have enough of these. So amazing. Tri-purpose: as a hood and/or blanket/teddy bear substitution on plane rides. Ugly sleeper? Use it to cover your face as well! I die for these!!

Circle Scarf

Fits just the right amount of stuff and is thin enough to be worn underneath clothing to avoid pick-pocketing, but with out appearing bulky

Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Percy Cross-body bag

Genius. This will probably be my life-line in the beginning. It includes everything from metro maps to restaurant ratings (with plenty of blank pages to record thoughts/ideas as well as french words or phrases)

Moleskine Paris City Notebook


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