The Best of Orsay

After the Louvre, Musee d’Orsay is probably Paris’s most commonly known museum. It’s right on the Seine and it used to be an old railway station, so it’s design is very unique with an amazing beaux-arts edifice. It’s the one with the big clock. It is mostly French art and most importantly, it houses a massive collection of impressionist/post-impressionist works. I went on a first sunday of the month so I wasn’t allowed to take pictures which was actually okay for me because I was completely content with just staring and ingraining the experience in my memory. (It was my first of MANY museum visits this year…such a great one to start off with too.)

Anywho, I did manage to get a couple of pictures and my good friend Carolyn Wiedeman was there earlier in the year and she shot an excellent picture of the one thing in the museum I was super excited to see…Degas’s 14 Year Old Dancer…it was simply to die for.

I also finally got to see one of my very favorite paintings ever; Monet’s Girl with a Parasol. My grandmother, Jo, has a reproduction from this series in her bedroom, so I grew up admiring this painting. It was stunning in person, and seeing Monet’s brushstrokes really brought it to life for me.

photo a la Carolyn Weideman!

femme avec une parapluie

one of my all time favorites by just reminds me of being a child and waking up way too early on christmas morning

Degas's 14 year old a la Carolyn encore

the can tell it used to be a train station from the architecture, still so beautiful though


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