Chanel Fashion Show…The Best Impulsive Decision of my Life!

This lucky couple was outside of every do I get that job?

Courtney Love...looking better than I thought she would.

"omg I like so can't believe we didn't get we have to like wait outside with all the bloggers, photographers, tourists and other fabulous people who weren't invited. But whaaatever! atleast we look so hot in our capes, leather and fuuuurrr!!!!"

You can't mistake that flaming mane....C'est Grace Coddington!

I just had to put this picture up...look how BEAUTIFUL that dress is...I'm in love.

The one...the only....GIOVANNI BATTAGLIA. I didn't think it was possible but she was even prettier in person than I imagined. And dressed to perfection of course. Now I just have to have a Garance Dore and Scott Schuman sighting and I can die a happy fashionista.

quite possibly my favorite picture of the event...I just love the friendly intimacy. Would you believe it if I told you women exactly like these 2 are ALL over my neighborhood? It's true

So, I was sitting in a cafe using it’s internet before going to french class. I was looking through my friend from Texas, Lindsay’s photos of all the fashion shows she has gone to (lucky!) and I remembered Fashion Week was this week and actually almost over! I hadn’t been able to go to any shows because of my work/class schedule. I checked the list of shows and venues I had on my computer and realized that the Chanel show started in 30 minutes and it was quite close in terms of Paris Metro to where I was. Obviously, I didn’t have an invitation (ha, yea right), but I had heard that lots of fabulous people, photogs and bloggers hang out outside just to see celebs walk in. I made an impulse decision to skip class (sorry dad 😦 ) and go to the Chanel fashion show! (well outside of it…)

I left the cafe and hopped on the metro and have never made a better decision in my life! It was so amazing to see everyone waiting outside Grand Palais dressed in the most gorgeous clothing I’ve ever laid eyes on. Tons of people were still arriving and it was so funny to see someone step out of a car and the photographers rush towards her to snap a photo. I didn’t know who a lot of the people were, French socialists and people of the fashion industry, but you could tell by their attire that they were someone important, and each person was as beautiful as the one before.

Lots of magazines, photographers and bloggers take pictures of the people waiting outside the show as well. I totally was not prepared for it but I got asked to have my picture taken three times! Two times by bloggers and once by Italy’s Vanity Fair website! I checked out the picture once it went up and I’m not going to post it because I’m not standing up straight and I look kind of dumpy haha but it was still so cool and I felt really honored!

After all was said and done, I have to say it was totally worth it to skip class. The next fashion week is January 24 to the 27…I will definitely be going to as many as possible!




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