Pere Lachaise Cimetiere


the cemetery itself is just beyond massive...this is just one tiny section, but it shows how packed and close the graves are to one another

The most amazing thing happened...we met this man named Colin who offered to give us a quick free tour and show us to the graves we wanted to see. He turned out to have been studying the cemetery for over 15 years as a hobby...he does something in the insurance business and obviously got bored with that. The man was an absolute expert on the entire place and EVERY soul buried there. We literally were chasing him through out the grave yard for 2 hours while he fed us some of his infinite amount of knowledge about Pere Lachaise...the whole experience was just unbelievable and so magical, we were so lucky.

Jimbo's grave

A tree to the side of Jim's grave....completely covered with people's thoughts and comments for Jim.

Many of the graves had these ancient rusted chains around them so we asked Colin what their purpose was and he told us that they used to have bells attached to them so that if anyone was buried alive they could ring them and the caretaker would come rushing to the tomb to resurface them! Eventually, this became a symbol for zombies...ever seen them in the movies walking around with the chains dangling all over their bodies??...This is truly just one of the MILLIONS of interesting facts Colin shared with us

Oscar Wilde's tomb...the tradition is to kiss it with red lipstick. There is a plaque beneath it saying not to deface it, but everyone knows Oscar would haved loved it. So romantic. So Oscar! (oh, and of course we all kissed it...naturally.)

One thing I loved the most was the effigies on top of a lot of's such a beautiful tradition, sometimes I wish people still did it today.

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Paris and one of my personal favorites. I never knew a cemetery could be so beautiful…thanks for the suggestion Kristen! 🙂 One of the most memorable days of my year in Paris, for sure.


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