The Empire of the Dead

"stop! this is the Empire of the Dead"

going deeper and deeper underground

the ceiling..

a plethora of tibias

photos of the bodies when they transferred them...quite graphic

two words: heebie-jeebies.

really shows off the organization...pretty amazing we smile?

In the wonderful city of Paris the month of October is enchanting. The chesnuts are all falling off the trees, the sun is bright, the air is crisp and the leaves are the most spectacular colors I have ever seen. But, unfortunately when October 31st rolls around there is no Halloween! You can consider yourself very lucky if you get to see even one window display with pumpkins or fake cob-webs. Donc, what does one do around halloweeny time in Paris?

Our solution, naturally, was to visit the famous Catacombs of Paris. It’s on my bucket list and there was no better time to go. I really enjoyed the entire experience. It was incredibly cold and wet down there, an ideal place for catching a cold but there was also a quite lovely eerie/sacred feel to the entire “empire.”

What I expected was piles of bones and skulls. What I did not expect was for them to be arranged and organized so beautifully, making them art. It was grotesque to think it was someones’ job to transfer these bodies from their gravesite to the catacombs and it was also phenomenal to think it had been someones’ duty to arrange these millions of bones into a pattern and an art.

After we left, we were all in a bizarre mood and incredibly cold so like the local parisians that we are becoming…we went to a near by cafe and ordered some expressos and cafe au lait!




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