Je Donne des Mercis de….

Trisha's delicieux stuffing made solely from baguettes

My rhubarb cake before it burnt...

All the women congregate in the kitchen...just like a real American thanksgiving

La nourriture!!!!

Jean saying grace...I think he said "jesus is everywhere...jesus is in your hair"??? We had all religions present so he had to be vague...

Anne, Antoine & Kristen


Tout le monde

“I am thankful for…”

There is no Thanksgiving in Paris, so just like for Halloween we had to think of our own way to celebrate! None of us Au Pairs happen to have a big giant kitchen to cook in and a dining room to eat in, so Emma offered to host! Similar to at home, we ended up listening to christmas music and cooking all day long. I realized it is a lot harder to plan an event like this when you live in a big city. At first when we were picking out who would do what dishes we quickly realized that carrying a turkey on the metro probably wouldn’t be such a good idea…that’s like a homeless mans dream come true. Even carrying small dishes like green bean casserole would be a hassle. You really don’t have to worry about these things at home…you get in your car, put your dish in your lap and 5/10 minutes later you’re at your destination! Eventually we decided cooking everything at Emma’s and leaving it there would be our best bet and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

The Thanksgiving meal itself was one I will never forget! There were 4 native Parisians present and I think they were a little weirded out at first but ended up loving it. We had some catholics, presbyterians, baptists and jews so Jean’s grace was interesting to say the least haha. The food was surprisingly really delicious considering all 20 somethings with not much experience cooked it all. (And let me tell you, it is not hard finding all the right ingredients in France and converting all the French measurements to accommodate our American recipes). The French people seemed to like Kristen’s sweet potato casserole the best. And I discovered there is no such things cranberries in France…they don’t even have a translation for it! Interesting…

I have a lot to be thankful for this year, most importantly my family and friends at home, but also I feel very grateful to have made such good friends here to share Thanksgiving with 🙂




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