Worry Doll Headband…A BLAST from the Past

I came across this head band the other day when aimlessly surfing the internet. I used to have the EXACT same one when I was like 7. I know it was sold in a garage sale at some point or traded for some piece of junk, but I REALLY want it back. I think I bought it on one of our countless summer vacations to the lake in Minnesota.

I remember having a little box full of worry dolls too. I used to put them under my pillow at night because they were thought to have powers that would relieve anxiety and stress (because a 7 year old has so much anxiety and stress). Now that I think about it, I remember ripping off the dolls from my headband once my box ran out. I must have been desperate with worry.

I got such a wonderful old-fashioned stomach ache when I saw these little guys that I just had to share them. And, they would be such a great idea for a stocking stuffer this Christmas!

you can find the headband at: worry doll headband and the dolls at guatemalanworrydolls



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