Ma Copine, Natalie: L’Artiste

from the "Parisian Rooftop" series


"Parisian Rooftops"


"Parisian Rooftops"...we both have a bizarre fixation with smoke stacks...aren't they just so delightfully Parisian?


Pont Neuf. Trisha snagged this one!


Hello Myself


The Art-teest herself!

My friend and fellow Au-Pair, Natalie Turturro is an INCREDIBLE artist, as you can see from her works above. My absolute favorite is her “Parisian Rooftop” series. In my opinion, the best part about her works is their size. They are about the same size as a post card, which I think is just perfect. The subjects she chooses do not need to be monumental, they speak for themselves, ergo size is not of importance.

Maybe I love the “Parisian Rooftops” so much because they could so easily be any of the rooftops I see when I look out my window every morning. But also, I love how she captures one little, tiny, almost forgotten part of Paris and squeezes it into a 4×4 square. They are just so humble and lovely.

Unfortunately enough for me, the Rooftops series was snatched up by some one else before I could get my hands on them! BUT, another dandy thing about Natalie is she does COMMISSIONS….yay! So, she has so graciously agreed to do a 4×6 of my own personal view out my window (the same one that is used as my header!) I am SO excited to see how it turns out. Of course, like a true artist that she is, I sent her the picture and her rule is she interprets it however she wants…which is A-Okay with me because I know she can’t go wrong. I will definitely post a picture of it upon it’s completion! It will be so nice for me to have a painting of my view of Paris that I looked every day for a year to remember it by. And to know the artist 😉

Most of Natalie’s pieces are 15 euro…20 for commissions…un bon marché!

If you’re as in love as I am, check out her portfolio at take me to natalieeee! and she even has an etsy shop! Wouldn’t they look so nifty on your bedside table with a vase of flowers and a candle? Or hung up as a triptych on your bedroom wall?? That’s what I’m thinking…

Oh, and just for shits and gigs here is her blog which features more works and another perspective of an Parisian Au Pair!





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  1. Shannon this is so sweet xoxoxox and bon bons to you!! i love your countdown to christmas, was a great idea to keep up the holiday spirit… i esp love the pinkish tree with sky blue wrapped presents and those black and white window treatments…it is my new computer backdrop 😀

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