Finally Got My UrbanEars!

I’ve been wanting a pair of headphones since before I got to Paris mostly because I think the quality of sound when listening to good music makes an enormous difference. There is nothing better than listening to a top notch song through good speakers or headphones the way it was intended to be listened to. But not only this, UrbanEars are meant to feel more like a piece of clothing than electronic headgear, which is why they are so practical for the cold weather of Paris. I walk SO much in this city, it takes me 15 minutes alone just to walk to the metro in the morning and these headphones double as ear muffs. Another wonderful thing about these particular headphones is the cloth cord. My Apple Ipod headphones always stiffen in the cold and fall straight out of my ears. With UrbanEars I will not have to deal with that OR untangling the cord every time I pull them out of my purse. And last but not least, they look “hyper-cool” as the French say.

I ended up getting brown because they are more conspicuous with my hair color. I love that they are not bulky and manly looking and that the band is cloth and wider, its almost like a headband…very feminine! (Mine don’t have the gold adjusters, they are all brown)

donc, yay for my UrbanEars!! ENFIN!!!




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