Alexa Meade: Becoming Art. Literally.


can you believe there is a real person underneath all that???

When I was little I used to stare at paintings and wonder what it would be like to jump into the frame and become part of the art…Alexa Meade’s incredible works are probably the closest I will ever get to living out this bizarre childhood fantasy, (if you will!) I came across her in an article a while ago and was literally blown away by her. You can’t even classify this type of art and her style. It has been referred to as “a fusion of installation, painting, performance, photography and video art.”  It truly is a genre of it’s own.

Meade’s process involves actually painting on people, giving them a second layer of skin and somehow simultaneously concealing and revealing the person. Instead of painting a subject onto an image, she paints an image onto a subject resulting in the image and the subject becoming indistinguishable. Once the paint is broken and washed away, Meade has successfully challenged the tension between a moment and eternity.

Overall, I find Alexa Meade’s works to astounding and she gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “paint me.” Having your portrait painted is so last century, who wants to do that when you can actually, literally be painted?? I really hope I have the chance to see one of Meade’s works in person one day, but what I really would love is to become one!


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  1. natalie

    so cool! does she use actual paint or makeup? wonder how easily it comes off…

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