Best of Budapest, Hungary

View of Castle hill and the Chain Bridge from across the Danube

Some Hungarian street art

Parliament (2nd biggest in Europe) and the Chain Bridge from the other side of the Danube

View from the Palace. Lots of Communist blocks.

Typical Eastern European building; covered in soot

Loved all of the beautiful domes. The yellow building is a library.

Tower to the Biggest Synagogue in all of Europe

Outside of the Synagogue

My favorite building in all of Budapest, it was really close to our hotel so we passed it everyday. The paintings/mosaics (?) look like they could be by artist, Mucha.

One of the best parts about Budapest: Thermal Baths. So relaxing...the water smelled like mint!

Not sure if anyone going to Budapest on vacation knows what to expect (other than Thermal Baths and Goulash if they do some research beforehand!) Eastern Europe lived up to it’s reputation. The buildings were dark, beautiful and covered in soot, the air was thick and of course the locals walked around in ankle length fur and those little round fur hats. Weather wise, we were very lucky and got to see Budapest on 3 very different days. The first it was incredibly foggy and gray, the second was nothing but blue skies and sunshine and there was a very soft, quiet snowfall on the last. Overall, it was Budaful, to say the least 🙂

Egészségedre! (cheers!)




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