Best of Amsterdam, Pays-Bas

A super choette painting our friend nataleeet did…If I recall correctly she painted over a shopping bag from Amsterdam?

Shannon and I took a little overnight trip to Amsterdam last weekend. It was so easy to jump on the train, relax for a few hours, get off, and explore the city. The trip was super quick (we stayed for a grand total of 26 hours). I’d say the first 5 hours included wandering around, finding our “botel” and wandering around some more. Then we spent the next 10 hours stumbling upon all of the activities we wanted to check off our list (trying on wooden shoes, eating pancakes, hanging out in coffee shops, drinking Heineken, etc.). We slept on our boat hotel for a grand total of 6 hours and then woke up to find an excellent (and complementary!) Dutch breakfast. The last four hours of the trip included the tulip museum, more coffee, and more wandering! We hopped back on the train, looked for windmills out the window, then fell asleep and woke up back in Paris.



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  1. yes i painted over the bag and then gave it to my friend for her birthday…in a frame that she tried to hang on a wall and five minutes after opening the frame fell off the wall and smashed to smitherines!! lol but the painting survived…love that st patty’s photo btw 😉

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