Lindsey Wix from the 316!!

Just chit chattin like besties about Wichita

I’m sure you’ve seen her and those bee stung lips EVERYWHERE lately, but I bet you didn’t know she is from the fabulous town of Wichita, KS! (also the hometown of yours truly…) Just yesterday I was flipping though the Spanish Harper’s Bazaar and there she was…3 times. I heard about her a couple months back from a friend of mine and fellow Wichitard. She walked in pretty much every big show during Paris Fashion week and is also the new face of Miu Miu. I got the chance to see her in person after the Viktor & Rolf show. She came out about 30 minutes after everyone else and the photographers swarmed her. I told myself earlier that week “If I see Lindsey Wixon I’m totally going to yell something about Wichita.” Lo and behold, there she was and like I said I would, I called out “Lindsey! I’m from Wichita!!!!” She completely forgot about the fact that 50+ photographers were taking her picture and responded “NO WAY!! You’re from Wichita!” and came over and gave me a huge high five. She then proceeded to talk to me for about 5 minutes and tell me about her awesome fur coat that was from a vintage store in Ta-Town (which she gave me the name of but I was in too much shock at the time to remember). Long story short, she was the biggest sweetheart ever and I have never been more proud to be from good old Wichita!!!!

p.s. she is only 16, can you believe it!?


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