Coffee, Mon Amour.

OK, so I think we have made it clear that I love coffee.  Shannon thinks I may have a slight addiction, but sometimes there is just nothing better than a warm beverage in your hands and I do honestly believe that it is the best part of waking up. With that being said, I have documented all of the coffee’s I have enjoyed throughout our travels throughout Europe for the past 6 months. Voilà!

My “addiction” is rubbing off on Shannon.



Café in Valencia


In Belgium they serve their café alongside their national dish “moules frites”…and an ice-cold beer.


Kaffe in Copenhagen


Koffie in Amsterdam


Café express in good old Paris.

And last but not least is not a coffee, but something that looks just as delicious in the photo as it tasted in real life…


Sometimes I like to mix things up and get a chocolat chaud instead…


Despite all the love I have for European coffee, espresso, hot chocolate, etc., a big mug of American style coffee, black (with all the free refills a girl could ask for) is still number one on my list. It will probably be one of the first things I ask for when I hang up my Au pair shoes and return to the U.S.





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