Haute-Normandie, Rouen & Caen

Rouen, Normandie

The half-timber architecture (or “Bois de plusieurs”) was my favorite part about Rouen

The “Gros Horlage”…walking under it made me feel like I was being taken back in time to the Medieval ages

The Tower in which Joan of Arc was imprisoned before being burned at the stake

Caen, Normandie

A charming little port we stumbled upon after wandering around the sunday morning market in Caen

Sunday Brunchers in the city center next to the Sunday morning market

Exploring the Castle of Caen

The other weekend, our good friend Kathleen (fellow Au Pair and jubilant Canadian) had the weekend off for a change, so we decided to celebrate with a brief weekend trip to High Normandy with some other Au Pairs from Fontainebleau. Comme d’habitude (like always), we were blown away by the beauty that Europe, and namely France, has to offer. It still baffles our minds that one can simply travel simply an hour and a 1/2 north on a swift train and suddenly be surrounded by a completely different culture with totally new and different architecture. One word that comes to mind when recalling Rouen & Caen is “charming.” When peering down the cobble stoned streets with the amazingly well-preserved medieval houses we would constantly spot old women shaking rugs and sheets out of the top floor windows. Trisha and I swear that the town in our favorite Disney Classic, “Beauty and the Beast” HAD to have been based on Rouen. At any second we were waiting for everyone to open their shutters one by one singing, “Bonjour! Bonjour!….Bonjourbonjourbonjour!” The overall experience was quite enchanting and I think the desire to travel and do some more “day trips” around France was planted within all of us that weekend!


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