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A Ritzy Soireé with Ernest

As my moveable feast is slowly advancing to the expresso part of the meal…oops, i meant ‘year’, I am avidly marking things off of my Paris Bucket List left and right! (which is a large contributing factor to the lack of posts lately…that, and the glorious sunshine!) Top on my list and truly a must, is the \”Hemingway Bar\”. This nostalgic & whimsical gem can be found smugly tucked away in a petite corner of the Ritz Hotel, after having wondered down and through endless lush & lavishly decorated hallways and parlors. Ranked as the best bar in the world with the best bartender in the world, Colin Field, The Hemingway Bar certainly lived up to it’s standards (as did the check please!) But, c’est la vie “ritz” n’est c’est pas? Beyond that, the candle-lit ambiance was simply alluring and we all felt taken back to the 1920’s if just for a few hours. The jukebox was playing, the conversation was enlightening and there was an air of simplicity with no rush or need to go anywhere or do anything besides enjoy the evening. A little cherry on top was that the previous night we had gone to see Woody Allen’s new film, \”Minuit á Paris\” or “Midnight in Paris”, which excellently portrays Paris in the early 1900’s. The flick includes several intellectual figures of the time, the most prominent one being none other than Hemingway himself! So, the sequence of events was quite perfect if I do say so myself!




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Mercredi Heureux!

Happy Wednesday!

This lucky lady is on a cute card I received from my pen pal friend Abigail. Merci!


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Parisian Vintage Posters

Lately I have gone crazy buying vintage posters from the vendors along the Seine.

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Brunch, Chez Kong.

Inspired by “Sex and the City’s” episode, “An American Girl in Paris”.

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Mes meilleurs amis à Paris!

Over Easter vacation, 14 of my very best friends came and graced me with their presence à Paris. Needless to say we had a ball being a huge group of loud, obnoxious American tourists all over the city. We enjoyed around 100+ bottles of red wine, 50+ baguettes, 30+ wheels of cheese,  and many, many French pastries, crepes and espressos to keep us going all day and night. Voilà! à mes amis…

Being a true Parisienne at  the Cafe du Flores.

A bientôt mes amours!

PS. Here are some cute French expressions we recently learned…They’re comparable to our “After awhile crocodile, see ya later alligator!”

“A plus dans le bus!”

“A bientôt dans le métro!”

“A demain dans le train!”

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Spring Fever!

Apologizing for the lack of posts lately! The weather has been gorgeous and Paris has been a little too distracting these days. We have lots of catching up to do so bare with us and get ready for new posts tout de suite!

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