One Year Later…

Our dearest Rue Spontini readers,

It’s been exactly a year since Trisha and I left Paris and not a day goes by that we don’t day dream about our fabulous past lives in Paris for that year that went by much too quickly. Trisha and I have both began new lives in 2 of America’s greatest cities; Chicago and Pittsburg. We still are the best of copines even though miles separate us and we no longer spend our days wondering the worlds greatest museums, sipping espressos, eavesdropping on Chanel fashion shows, and traveling Europe-Le sigh.

Why now you may ask? The other day we got an email from a reader asking if she could use one of our photos for a published art history textbook. Of course we were so honored and said “bah, oui!” After this and several other emails from readers asking what to pack for a euro adventure, Francophiles needing advice on how to deal with their reverse culture shock and our missing Rue Spontini and the creative outlet it brought to us has made us decide to return to our beloved digital souvenir!

Of course some things will change as we are no longer in The City of Lights but we promise to bring to you le crème de la crème of Steel City and the Windy City with a magnifique French twist…bien sûr! Because after all, we did leave our hearts there…


ss & tb


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