Shannon Stockton and Trisha Biery met in Paris in September of 2010. Both working as “Jeune filles Au Pairs” it suddenly became clear that their love for all things Parisian was not the only thing they had in common! To name a few: J.crew, smoked salmon, Audrey Hepburn in “Sabrina”, the PBP, adventure, brunches, turning a completely worthless day into one of the most memorable, cheese (le duh!), holding in giggles on the metro, photography, trying on millions of perfumes at Sephora, and last but not least a fresh, warm Bechu Baguette.

As a major in Journalism and a long time lover of the French language, Trisha has a strong passion for travel, the occasional postcard (or 500), copious amounts of expressos and red wine, stud earrings, and the fact that her French teacher, Fabrizio, can never, ever remember her name. For Shannon, a major in Art History and Psychology,  fashion, a good cup of tea, live music, cathedral architecture, visiting museums after dark, oatmeal, and fun color palettes really tickle her fancy!

Our mantra for the year is to learn lots, see lots, do lots and meet lots of people who know lots about lots 🙂 We’ve both got plenty going on up there in the noggin and we hope for this blog to be our means of organizing it all into what we refer to as our “digital souvenir.”

So, here is to Paris and Rue Spontini; an ode to all that we are inspired by, adore, relish and covet. Tchin-tchin!



ss & tb


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