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The Hunt Continues…

A Space Invader all the way in Amsterdam!

How have I been missing this behemoth one near Centre Pompidou on Rue St. Martin and Rue Rambuteau?

This one is easy to miss. Below eye level and not as bright as most of the others. Spotted on Ile St. Louis while waiting in line for some delicious gelato

My space invader sightings are becoming more and more rare, sadly enough. I hope to see some in Barcelona this upcoming week while I am on holiday! xx


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Plus de Space Invaders

As promised, here is a look at all of the Space Invaders I’ve located in the last 3-4 weeks:

dans Le Marais

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Paris, Invaded.

Who: French Urban Street Artist, “Invader”

What: small, colorful mosaics based on the 1970’s video arcade game “Space Invaders.”

Where: Literally hidden all over Paris. Sometimes he puts them in really obvious, touristy places for the public eye, but he also likes to hide them in random, lesser-known spots. Typically 10-15 feet above ground. He has also invaded over 31 other cities in France, 22 cities in Europe (London, Rome, Berlin, Barcelona etc.) and several other major cities around the world (New York, L.A., Bangkok, Melbourne, Tokyo…he somehow managed to get one on the Hollywood sign).

When: Usually at night. Sometimes during the day. Basically, whenever there are no cops around. His first, lone invader went up in Paris in the mid 1990’s, but the ball got rolling in 1998 when he really began his installations all over the city.

Why: Because he gets to plaster 70’s video game characters all over cities for a living.

How: He has the mosaic half way made before going to city and then makes the rest once he is there. It can takes him up to 2-3 weeks to completely finish an installation. It all depends upon how often he has to escape from the cops. He documents and catalogues all of his invaders and then proceeds to make books or maps showing where they are placed through out the city. Some times their location is strategically based on if he can be safely hidden from cops while working. But at other times they are aesthetically placed so that when seen as a whole on the city’s map, they form one giant Space Invader character.

I answered “Why” for Invader, but you might be wondering the why behind my semi-obsession? There is no incredibly interesting connection besides the fact that I kept seeing these little video game characters all over Paris and after about the 5th one I became very intrigued. Eventually, I started documenting them. It became the kind of thing where I felt like I saw them all the time when I wasn’t looking for them, but now that I am on the hunt, they have become much more rare to discover. This is sort of pathetic but I must admit that my heart skips a beat now when I see one…I get a little too excited. It has become a game, which I think is both the process and the intent for Invader himself.

After having researched and read-up on Invader I am now completely fascinated with whole appeal of this being someones living. It is by far the coolest job on the planet. If you can even call it a job? Probably not. Invader is like a modern-day super hero to me. Very few know what he looks like and what his real name is. But, instead of saving people, he gives us something beautiful to look at and adds character and spice to our cities. Street art is such a perfect example of how art will always exist, but the process, medium, technique and location is ever-changing. Compared to an oil on canvas portrait behind a glass case that will withstand the test of time, street art has such an incredibly short life span. So, it must be documented via video and photography. It is for this exact reason that I love art so much: it’s tenacious evolution.

If you’re as interested in Invader and street art as I am, you must check out the documentary \”Exit through the Gift Shop.\” You will never look at urban art the same again.

A video with Invader himself:

Invader on film

*all of the pictures seen above are the Invaders I’ve spotted thus far. I will be periodically posting them as I see them through out the rest of the year

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At The Pompidou Right Now: A Few of my Favs.

Just some T.G.I.F. art for the soul! Bonne Weekend!



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Alexa Meade: Becoming Art. Literally.


can you believe there is a real person underneath all that???

When I was little I used to stare at paintings and wonder what it would be like to jump into the frame and become part of the art…Alexa Meade’s incredible works are probably the closest I will ever get to living out this bizarre childhood fantasy, (if you will!) I came across her in an article a while ago and was literally blown away by her. You can’t even classify this type of art and her style. It has been referred to as “a fusion of installation, painting, performance, photography and video art.”  It truly is a genre of it’s own.

Meade’s process involves actually painting on people, giving them a second layer of skin and somehow simultaneously concealing and revealing the person. Instead of painting a subject onto an image, she paints an image onto a subject resulting in the image and the subject becoming indistinguishable. Once the paint is broken and washed away, Meade has successfully challenged the tension between a moment and eternity.

Overall, I find Alexa Meade’s works to astounding and she gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “paint me.” Having your portrait painted is so last century, who wants to do that when you can actually, literally be painted?? I really hope I have the chance to see one of Meade’s works in person one day, but what I really would love is to become one!

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Il Est Fini!

It’s finished!

The picture I gave Natalie (photo I took of my view)

The commissioned master piece!

My friend Natalies’ completed painting of my photo of the view out my window! I LOVVVVE it. They are so small and quaint I want 20 more…kind of like when I eat mini-cupcakes…

Isn’t it beautiful!? Merci beaucoup, beaucoup Natalie!

Here is another one she did for me:

It was a picture of some divine little French pastries


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Parisian Graffiti

Photos by Moi, more to come!

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