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N’Existe Pas:

some others:

dépaysement-the sensation of being in another country

patte-foot or leg of an animal (but not a claw)

tartine-slice of bread (no single word for that in english)

tartiner-to spread butter, jelly, cheese or honey on a piece of bread

bouffer-to eat like an animal

parole-spoken word


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Coffee, Mon Amour.

OK, so I think we have made it clear that I love coffee.  Shannon thinks I may have a slight addiction, but sometimes there is just nothing better than a warm beverage in your hands and I do honestly believe that it is the best part of waking up. With that being said, I have documented all of the coffee’s I have enjoyed throughout our travels throughout Europe for the past 6 months. Voilà!

My “addiction” is rubbing off on Shannon.



Café in Valencia


In Belgium they serve their café alongside their national dish “moules frites”…and an ice-cold beer.


Kaffe in Copenhagen


Koffie in Amsterdam


Café express in good old Paris.

And last but not least is not a coffee, but something that looks just as delicious in the photo as it tasted in real life…


Sometimes I like to mix things up and get a chocolat chaud instead…


Despite all the love I have for European coffee, espresso, hot chocolate, etc., a big mug of American style coffee, black (with all the free refills a girl could ask for) is still number one on my list. It will probably be one of the first things I ask for when I hang up my Au pair shoes and return to the U.S.




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Sorry for the lack of posts the past couple of weeks. tb & I got caught up in travel/work and all that jazz. But, we’re back in action now! Trisha has had her 12 expressos and is ready to go!

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Joyeux Anniversaire Topher!

Since, I can not be in Spain with you on your birthday, here is a birthday bear riding a unicycle instead! Enjoy ma petit ami!

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Shakespeare & Co.

If you’ve been to Paris and not visited Shakespeare & Co. , then that, my friend, is a bonne dommage (real shame).  This sanctuary for writers, readers and artists is to the left of Notre Dame in the Latin Quarter-bien sur. One can come in here to buy English books, read, take photos, sleep or just sit and contemplate. Or, if you really wanted, you could experiment with an ancient type writer, stare at the little paintings or read the magazine clips on the walls, rest on one of the beds, play the piano, make conversation with one of the countless regular intellectuals who are there 7 days a week or simply just be happy that you are in the most beautiful and romantic city in the world. Alas, here one can find any book from Jane Eyre to The Sartorialist coffee table book. And, If you’re lucky you might just open an old copy of a classic and discover that it is signed to Shakespeare & Co. by the author.

It is places like Shakespeare & Co. that make me realize how happy I am with my decision to come to Paris for a whole year, not just to study abroad or on vacation for two weeks. I now feel as if I have all the time in the world to discover the less touristy and lesser known side of Paris and really begin to love it in a different way. When my friend Katie was in town she asked me if there were moments when I regret not having a loved one here with me since it such a romantic city (and you basically see people snogging on every street corner). Not to get mushy or anything, but I have thought about this before and it did peeve me in the beginning. I told her that I really think that after 5 months I’ve started to develop such a relationship with Paris as a city that I truly don’t feel like I am lacking in the romantic/lovey-dovey department. Sometimes I feel like Paris is my boyfriend. Is that pathetic?

Anywho, Paris may not always love me back, but I sure am smitten with her! 😉




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A Sunny Sunday at the Luxembourg Gardens

Have you ever heard the saying, “The French work hard, but they play hard too” ? This beautiful sunny day in January at the Luxembourg Gardens really epitomized the French’s way of savoring their sunday down time. The entire garden was packed full of people spending family or alone time, both young and old, reading, snoozing, or basking in the sun. It was very obvious that everyone was just living in the moment, not a soul was thinking about work the next day.

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Seulement á Paris…

“Chic Pere Noël”

"Santa Clause is a chic guy"

Yes, that is a slimmed down version of Santa Clause, complete with beret, skinny tie, and a slim-fit, pin-striped suit (I’m assuming his shoes are Cole Haans?)… I hope to find his better half, Mrs. Clause sometime soon. I bet she has a high-wasted skirt, and maybe a green trench?? Only in Paris….



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