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Il fait beau aujourd’hui! C’est printemps!

Gotta love the beautiful spring weather we’ve been having this week! Now go soak up some sun!

(Paris print by Spanish artist Blanca Gomez)



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Coffee, Mon Amour.

OK, so I think we have made it clear that I love coffee.  Shannon thinks I may have a slight addiction, but sometimes there is just nothing better than a warm beverage in your hands and I do honestly believe that it is the best part of waking up. With that being said, I have documented all of the coffee’s I have enjoyed throughout our travels throughout Europe for the past 6 months. Voilà!

My “addiction” is rubbing off on Shannon.



Café in Valencia


In Belgium they serve their café alongside their national dish “moules frites”…and an ice-cold beer.


Kaffe in Copenhagen


Koffie in Amsterdam


Café express in good old Paris.

And last but not least is not a coffee, but something that looks just as delicious in the photo as it tasted in real life…


Sometimes I like to mix things up and get a chocolat chaud instead…


Despite all the love I have for European coffee, espresso, hot chocolate, etc., a big mug of American style coffee, black (with all the free refills a girl could ask for) is still number one on my list. It will probably be one of the first things I ask for when I hang up my Au pair shoes and return to the U.S.




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Lindsey Wix from the 316!!

Just chit chattin like besties about Wichita

I’m sure you’ve seen her and those bee stung lips EVERYWHERE lately, but I bet you didn’t know she is from the fabulous town of Wichita, KS! (also the hometown of yours truly…) Just yesterday I was flipping though the Spanish Harper’s Bazaar and there she was…3 times. I heard about her a couple months back from a friend of mine and fellow Wichitard. She walked in pretty much every big show during Paris Fashion week and is also the new face of Miu Miu. I got the chance to see her in person after the Viktor & Rolf show. She came out about 30 minutes after everyone else and the photographers swarmed her. I told myself earlier that week “If I see Lindsey Wixon I’m totally going to yell something about Wichita.” Lo and behold, there she was and like I said I would, I called out “Lindsey! I’m from Wichita!!!!” She completely forgot about the fact that 50+ photographers were taking her picture and responded “NO WAY!! You’re from Wichita!” and came over and gave me a huge high five. She then proceeded to talk to me for about 5 minutes and tell me about her awesome fur coat that was from a vintage store in Ta-Town (which she gave me the name of but I was in too much shock at the time to remember). Long story short, she was the biggest sweetheart ever and I have never been more proud to be from good old Wichita!!!!

p.s. she is only 16, can you believe it!?

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Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

We’ve noticed recently that our photos of Florence Welch and Alexa Chung from PFW have circulated around the internet 100’s if not 1,000’s of times. While we appreciate your enthusiasm for our photos (or maybe just for Florence and Alexa…) we still would appreciate some good, wholesome blog etiquette and ask that you give credit to the photographers and Rue Spontini.

Merci Beaucoup.


On a more pleasant note, isn’t this vintage Ladurée Poster soooo precious?

á la rdujour

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Happy St. Patty’s Day Lads & Lassies!!

Don’t forget to wear something green today so you don’t get pinched!!



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Best of Amsterdam, Pays-Bas

A super choette painting our friend nataleeet did…If I recall correctly she painted over a shopping bag from Amsterdam?

Shannon and I took a little overnight trip to Amsterdam last weekend. It was so easy to jump on the train, relax for a few hours, get off, and explore the city. The trip was super quick (we stayed for a grand total of 26 hours). I’d say the first 5 hours included wandering around, finding our “botel” and wandering around some more. Then we spent the next 10 hours stumbling upon all of the activities we wanted to check off our list (trying on wooden shoes, eating pancakes, hanging out in coffee shops, drinking Heineken, etc.). We slept on our boat hotel for a grand total of 6 hours and then woke up to find an excellent (and complementary!) Dutch breakfast. The last four hours of the trip included the tulip museum, more coffee, and more wandering! We hopped back on the train, looked for windmills out the window, then fell asleep and woke up back in Paris.


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Live The Language


I love this video. The music is perfect and it captures the little things about Paris and the French language that I adore so much. Thank you to Paige Elliott and Carolyn Wiedeman for sending me this little gem! J’adore.

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